Innovative and Proprietary Micro Trenching Solutions


DSG Communications Ltd. is a full-service fibre optic infrastructure provider specializing in: fibre optic construction, splicing, maintenance, servicing, repair, and 24/7/365 emergency response. 

DSG’s one stop shop also provides innovative and cost efficient micro-trenching capabilities – specializing in the “final mile”.

DSG has devoted thousands of man hours to the development of a micro trenching process that is proprietary and optimal for the topography of BC and Alberta.

The demand for high speed broadband services is growing exponentially, and DSG is at the forefront of developing and providing new fibre optics infrastructure solutions.

Patent Pending Process

Over the course of three years DSG has invested much time, effort and funds into R&D. The company has now developed a proprietary micro trenching process that is patent pending. The process combines a unique and innovative cutting wheel/blade that is able to achieve a hyper-efficient cut, along with ancillary procedures that are in every way superior to more traditional practices.

City of Vancouver Approval

Most of the trials for the development of this process were undertaken in the City of Vancouver. City engineers allowed the tests as they were intrigued by DSG’s innovative ideas and process.

Subsequent to DSG’s trials, the City of Vancouver carried out their own tests to substantiate DSG’s results. The City of Vancouver has now officially approved the method.

A report regarding the approval of DSG’s method can be found here. It is evident that other cities will be following suit now that the approval documents have been released.

Proven Successes

Since the City of Vancouver approval of DSG’s proprietary and patented micro trenching process, DSG has completed projects for:

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